About us

Designers of exclusive atmospheric creations in Glass and Crystal

H.Translucens is a design studio using glass and crystal as their preferred material for creating unique artistic solutions in the field of architecture, and contemporary interior design, for individuals and corporate business.

Thanks to our previous sixteen years of experience, the studio possess a thorough knowledge in the techniques of processing and shaping glass and crystal, offering a comprehensive service by seeing a project through from creation, specifically in the studio, to completion and ultimately to installation, including all the parameters directly related thereto, such as framework structures and surrounding lighting effects with glassworkers, glass blowers and famous professionals.

It also offers originality and a special feeling for projects that require an approach based on their specific identity, a compulsion to maintain a challenging approach, be inspired by the wealth and multitude of possibilities, and the techniques that glass and crystal have to offer.
High end design or classic, strongly chromatic or pure colour, peaceful or dynamic, transparent or translucent, glass and crystal resonates with an astonishing array of luminous hues, transforming the environments it inhabits, and more importantly, allowing the personality, the identity of the space to shine through, while partnering the surrounding styles and materials to perfection.

Glass and crystal have the ability to express Emotion.

The environment in which we live or work has direct repercussions on our mood and our performance.
Finding oneself face-to-face with a glass or crystal art work is a privilege.
 They are, by their very essence fascinating, they capture our gaze, and enchant anyone able to grasp their meaning. 

Dreams have no barriers, what matters most of all is imagination.